Endlich in diesem Theater:

5. November 2008


„The wicked witch is dead.“

„A New Hope“

Und der Holllywood Reporter denkt natürlich gleich wieder ans Geschäft und weist statistisch nach, dass Obamas Sieg voraussichtlich zu steigenden Kinoticket-Verkäufen führen wird:

„Of course causation is always hard to prove on these slippery matters. But here’s one freakonomic theory: when a Republican administration comes to power, middle-class consumers are more concerned about their pocketbooks and tighten their spending on things like moviegoing. More subtly — but maybe no less influentially — Dem administrations historically tend to be more favorable to creative expression, which creates a more robust filmmaking and moviegoing climate.“

Und an anderer Stelle:

„Neither a Frank Capra, nor a Garry Trudeau, nor an Aaron Sorkin could have come up with plot points so implausible and make them stick. (…) There might be more intangible effects of Obamarama — the dialogue between Wilshire and Washington could eventually affect the storytelling and open us up to new storytellers.“



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